Aerial view of Poole Park

Poole Park Management & Maintenance

The Strategies & Plans on this page were prepared for and submitted with the Poole Park Life project Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) Bid, and associated planning applications (ref APP/17/00378/F & APP/17/00385/L) in early 2017.

Most of the documents have a useful life well beyond the project, and will inform the ongoing management & maintenance of Poole Park.

Management & Maintenance Plan 2017-2030

A new Management and Maintenance Plan (MMP) was prepared for Poole Park and submitted to the HLF as part of the funding bid.

The vision within the plan is:

  • Poole Park, “the people’s park”, is the most popular public open space in Poole and we want to make it even better for generations to come. We will maintain Poole Park as a high quality visitor destination and flag-ship BCP park
  • We will protect the legacy of the HLF improvement project by embedding sustainable maintenance and management within available resources

Conservation Plan 2017

A Conservation Plan (CP) has a different role, it looks at the historical development of the park from its original design, through different eras and development styles

Conservation Plan 2017 (pdf, 87pp, 9Mb)

Action Plan

As a practical tool for park managers, the Poole Park Action Plan will sit beneath the MMP and CP. It sets out and prioritises maintenance activities in each ‘compartment’ of the park, e.g. War Memorials, the Cricket Pitch, Boating Lake, etc. – (a) for the HLF delivery phase 2017-2021, and (b) 2021 onwards

Download the Action Plan (pdf, 20pp, 750kb)

Tree Strategy 2020-2070

The strategy sets out the future policy for management, protection and replacement of Poole Park’s historic trees.

The strategy document is accompanied below by documents submitted as part of the planning application, providing the context in which some trees were selectively removed as part of the Poole Park Life project, and subsequent replanting plans

Tree Planting Plans (pdf, 5pp, 4Mb)

Poole Park Life project-specific strategies & plans:

Furniture Strategy 2017

This document identifies the style of benches, bins, lights and other park furniture within the Poole Park Life proposals, mixing robust, modern materials with a sympathetic design to complement the Victorian park

Furniture Strategy 2017 (pdf, 11pp, 1Mb)

Poole Park Life Interpretation Strategy

This strategy explores how people use and understand Poole Park; it shapes the information that park users will be able to access in the future, such as noticeboards giving park facility and event information, way-finding signage, and information panels describing the park’s heritage, history and important features

Interpretation Strategy (pdf, 25pp, 5Mb)

Poole Park Life Delivery Phase Activity Plan

The Activity Plan sets out all the work that was undertaken during the Poole Park Life four-year Delivery Phase (2017-2021), including engaging local residents, the local community and park visitors. Some of these activities we hope will prove to be sustainable in the longer term, providing a legacy from the project and strengthening Poole Park for the future