The Photo Mosaic, Poole Park

Poole Park Photo Mosaic

The Photo Mosaic in Poole Park reproduces the original Victorian (1980) plan for the park. It is made up of thousands of photos of local people, pets and places, all submitted online together with a small donation as part of a fundraising drive for the Poole Park Life project in 2015.

Zoom in and pan around on the image of the Photo Mosaic and see every one of them! (sorry, it may not be possible to successfully pan across the image using some mobile devices)

The Photo Mosaic is sited close to the information kiosk; it was officially unveiled in June 2016 and has been an object of interest and intense scrutiny ever since! It measures 5m wide and 1.8m high, and should last 15 years, hopefully longer.

The official unveiling

June 2016

Cllr Xena Dion, said at the time: “This amazing piece of artwork celebrates Poole’s heritage in a truly distinctive way. Each photo represents a special moment in time for members of our local community both past and present. Together with the symbolic 1890 map of Poole Park, this artwork will be a lovely reminder as to why this park is so special to so many people.”